CFD 1000 is proud to offer its clients the ability to invest through our Algo Trading Program.

CFD 1000 has partnered with some of the leading algo tradings across the globe, in an effort to offer investors another way to increase their profits. Each of our portfolio managers achieved a long history of trading success, while acquiring a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in global financial markets.

Our main goal at CFD 1000 is to generate long-term returns that consistently outperform the relevant equity indices on a risk adjusted basis. We aim to generate superior returns with significantly lower volatility than relevant benchmarks.

We seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in stocks of well-financed, well-managed companies believed to be priced below their intrinsic values. Our investment strategy is based on a fundamental, extensive research process of companies, industries and macro trends. We bring a wealth of industry experience and superior track record to our investment methodology and processes.

CFD 1000 Algo trading program offers benefits to all traders. Beginners can benefit from raking in profits, despite owning minimal trading experience, while advanced traders can further diversify their investments by conceiving another source of steady income.

CFD 1000 emphasis on management teams and in-depth research: Our investment strategy is implemented through a strong emphasis on the quality of management teams of our portfolio investments as well as through an extensive research process of companies, industries and macro trends. CFD 1000 dedicate a considerable portion of our resources to developing close, ongoing dialogue with management teams of existing and prospective investments, and consider the quality and credibility of management to be the most important factors in investment considerations.

Focus on growth and profitability: Identify and invest in tradable equities of companies with solid long-term revenue and earnings growth prospects. CFD 1000 investment objective is to identify companies with strong fundamentals which generate sustainable growth and profitability over time. Further, we target securities which we believe are attractively-valued and possess solid potential to generate considerable capital gains in the near future. Emphasis is placed on managing a balanced investment portfolio with broad sector and industry diversification along with proven track record and credibility of management teams.

Strategic focus on risk management: CFD 1000 constantly utilize a variety of tools and techniques to reduce volatility and hedge the portfolio's risk exposure. Among the tools employed are long equity, short equity, options, CFD’s, Forex. We do not employ leverage in our portfolios.

Trade Forex, Stocks, CFD's and indices, all on one easy to use MT4 platform. Various account types are available including, Islamic Account, Money Manager and Auto Chartist.